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Welcome to the ABBUC software and hardware contest

Last modified: 07.10.2020

ABBUC members can vote now. You can find the password on the voting sheet you received within the Abbuc specialmagazine 52. The password is for both votings.

Atariduino Update: The description of the project printed in the special magazine 52 was not the actual description. You can read the actual despription here (german text, please use an translating tool):
Link to description (ABBUC forums)
This description was submitted before the contest deadline.

Voting has ended!

For downloading disk images (NOT FOR THE VOTING!), a username and password is needed. The username is your membership number, your password is created the following way:

Membership number + first character of your given name + first character of your surname + first character of the name of the street line + first character of your zip code.

Example: For Jack Tramiel, living in Atari Rd. 400 in 65C02 Ataritown with membership number 999, the password is 999JTA6
Please note that the spelling is derived from the address sticker of the ABBUC magazine, including capitalization (and errors ;-) ), and that in some countries (such as the US and UK) the address line containing the street name begins with the street number, so if in the above address the spelling is "400 Atari Rd.", then the password would be 999JT46!

If you add an e-mail address under "Account", you can have a new system-generated password sent to you at any time.

Diskimages of the competition can be found here - use the above mentioned username/password to login, this is not the or ABBUC forum login!