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Rules for the ABBUC hardware contest 2021

 1. Participant
        1. ABBUC membership is not required for participation. The ABBUC Chairmen and the Head of Department "Hardware" are excluded from participation.
        2. The deadline for registration is August 31, 2021.

2. The hardware submitted must be...
        1. be suitable for computers of the ATARI 8-bit series 400/800, XL or XE.
        2. include documentation in German or English language.

3. Hardware is not allowed,
        1. which has already been or is being commercially distributed.
        2. for which documents necessary for reproduction have already been published.
        3. which has already been submitted in a conducted competition.
The documents that enable the reproduction of the hardware may be published only after the end of the competition (i.e. after the AGM).

4. Contribution is also allowed:
        1. As further development of already published hardware, if the hardware has been substantially extended, improved or changed. The Head of Hardware decides together with the Board of Directors whether a significant extension, improvement or change has occurred.
        2. as conversion from another computer platform.

5. At the time of registration must be submitted:
        1. The completed registration form.
        2. A short description of maximum two pages in normal font size and some pictures for publication in ABBUC Magazine and ABBUC Forum.
        3. All data necessary for private, non-commercial reproduction, such as parts list, source code, assembly instructions, circuit diagram, layout, etc.
        4. These documents will be made available on the ABBUC website exclusively to ABBUC members.
        5. A video of max. 10 minutes, which presents the function of the hardware and documents its operability. Thus, the submission of a prototype, kit or finished hardware is not necessary.
        6. The documentation must be written in German or English and must be available as a text or PDF file.

6. Submission
The registration documents / documentation / files are to be sent by e-mail to or The documentation must arrive no later than August 31, 2021.
Receipt will be confirmed by e-mail and in the ABBUC Forum.

7. Review of the contributions
The contributions will be checked for compliance with the conditions mentioned in 2. to 5. above..

8. Publication for ABBUC members
The short descriptions of the accepted contributions will be presented in the ABBUC magazine 3/2021.

9. Presentation of the hardware
        1. The developer may present his contribution at will both before and after the submission.
        2. At the AGM the submissions will be presented either by the video to be provided by the developer, or by the Head of the Hardware Department - if the hardware is available.

10. Result
The ABBUC members determine the classification of the hardware into one of the categories below by voting with a ballot which will be sent with the magazine 03/2021, by online voting or by voting at the AGM. The hardware will be placed in the category with the most votes. The results will be announced in the following ABBUC magazine and on the ABBUC website.

11. Prizes

catergory prize
consolation prize

The handover of the prizes will take place on site or by bank transfer.

12. General publication
After the AGM, each developer may freely dispose of his development and publish it in full. Submissions will be placed in an area of the ABBUC website accessible only to ABBUC members; ABBUC members may reproduce the hardware for their own use. Copyright remains with the developer.

13. Legal exclusion
The ABBUC reserves the right not to hold the competition for valid reasons. In this case, an entry may be resubmitted the following year, provided it is not published in its entirety or available for purchase by that time.  Entries that are found to be plagiarism of already existing or commercial ATARI 8-bit hardware will be disqualified.
If this is recognized only after the awarding of the prize, the participant has to return the prize received to the ABBUC. The legal process is excluded.
All rights reserved.

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